Fodder Crop Unit

Objectives of Green Fodder Production-

  • Green fodder provides natural way of nutrients for animals and plays major role in Livestock growth and health.
  • Green fodder cultivation cut the cost of feed Produced green fodder can be made into silage and used for future.
  • Green fodder production time is short and as most of the varieties are perennial, one can get fodder for years.
  • Cultivation cost and maintenance of green fodder is low
  • Livestock required green fodder, dry fodder and concentrate in their feed.
  • In case of green fodder most of the farmers in Bhandara district use available green grasses on paddy bunds for feeding of animal.
  • KVK has established fodder crop unit which contain perennial fodder crop such as Hybrid Napier verities Phule Jaywant ,CO-4,CO-5,DHN-10.
  • The spacing requirement for cultivating fodder crop is maintain at 1×1 Meter at KVK field Sindewahi.